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Integrative Cancer Care works with The Pfeifer-Protocol® – which contains a summary of selected cancer treatment protocols developed and successfully practiced by Professor Ben L. Pfeifer, M.D., Ph.D. and his team of well-known, internationally acclaimed clinicians and researchers.

This protocol is meant to help cancer patients and their physicians to achieve best possible treatment results, reduce suffering, and improve quality of life as well as life expectancy by combining leading edge conventional treatment methods with effective complementary-oncology measures.

Within complementary measures, The Pfeifer Protocol features a selection of products and supplements from Aeskulap-International and medpro, Naturally healthy

Immunity in all Formulations of Biocell Ultravital Products

Contemporary medical views consider the thymus gland as the “brain” of the immune system, integral to the development and function of T-lymphocytes. However, the thymus gland shrinks with age, a process whose causes remain elusive. This process reduces the number of functional T-lymphocytes, weakening the body’s defense mechanisms and increasing vulnerability to illnesses as one ages.

In fact, most diseases are linked to immune system dysfunction in some way or another. Therefore, utilizing thymus peptides, enzymes, and other bioactive factors can aid in normalizing immune responses, thereby mitigating these diseases.