Welcome to Aeskulap-International

Aeskulap-International, located in Switzerland, represents a group of companies which are involved in the following areas: providing leading edge medical services to patients all around the globe, medical research and development, medical education, and manufacturing of high-quality medical products & food supplements.

Our mission is to improve and maintain health for the individual and society as a whole, to prevent and cure diseases such as cancer, to ease suffering and to enhance quality of life. Our vision is to strengthen our group of companies and develop them into leaders in their respective fields to provide care and relief to our patients, along with returns to our shareholders adequately rewarding those who invest their money, time and effort.

Aeskulap-International is composed of the following departments:

  • Integrative Cancer Care: Our online platform for Medical consultancy in Europe, the United States, Middle East and Asia, powered by¬†Aeskulap-International-Medical-Services (AIMS) AG
  • Medical science and development: Aeskulap-International R&D AG
  • Our International Association for Organotherapy and Stem Cell Transplantation (IAOS)
  • Manufacturing: Aeskulap / Aeskina Limited
  • Our franchise to our asian partners: Aeskulap-Asia (Malaysia) Limited (BHD.SDN)
  • Aeskulap-Asia (Indonesia) Limited (P.T.) is developing our services on the huge Indonesian market