Integrative Cancer Care

Integrative Cancer Care was created in 2020, it’s an online platform dedicated to the medical consultancy services under Aeskulap-International’s umbrella.

This platform is the “brainchild” of Ben Pfeifer, M.D., Ph.D., who selected the best medical specialists from his worldwide professional network and created an International Virtual Tumor Board to advise and help cancer patients and empower them to better navigate their disease journey. Our international medical experts offer personal, face to face medical consultation, diagnostic and  treatment recommendations, second opinion services, as well as nutritional and psychological support for patients with cancer of all disease stages.

The medical specialists united on our Integrative Cancer Care platform are working at some of the best medical institutions in the world, providing access to their leading edge diagnostic and treatment methods to our patients. With our integrative approach, we strive to improve diagnostic and treatment for cancer patients and provide a longer disease free- and overall survival with good quality of life. Our experienced team of physicians does not only recommend the best possible diagnostic and treatment methods for an individual cancer patient, but always includes measures to enhance the physical and psychological wellbeing of our patients.

We guarantee your medical appointment with our highly trained and experienced specialists within 72 hours. Head to our dedicated website to schedule your first consultation.